iPhone 4S 32GB For Sale – New & Used Prices

iPhone 4S 32GB - Black & White ModelsApple's 32GB version of the iPhone 4S is the 'middle brother' in the iPhone 4S Family, with twice the storage space as the 16GB Model.

Featuring 32GB of storage, and the exact same feature set of the rest of the 4S series, this is a great option for anyone with a modest music / video collection, who doesn't need to spend all out for the 64GB model. Expect storage for 4000 songs (or more) as well as a range of Apps, Video's & Photo's.

The cost increase is around $100 up from the smaller 16GB version, with Apple's price retailing at $899. However, you can find them in good condition on eBay from around $600 - $800. If you bid smart, and time it well, you can sometimes find them cheaper, depending on other factors including warranty, condition, and age.

The entire 4S series is available in white or black, with black being the more common colour. Make sure before you buy that the model you're looking at can take your particular SIM Card. Some handsets are still locked to a network, and will need to be unlocked before you can use your SIM. Check out our Unlocked iPhone listings for versions that will take any SIM Card.

Finding the best price for the for the iPhone easy. Check out the listings below. Click on the model that interests you,  and you'll be taken direct to the sellers page.

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