iPhone 4S 64GB For Sale – New & Used Prices

iPhone 4S 64GB Models - In White & BlackThe 64GB version of Apple's iPhone 4S is the highest, most expensive model in the 4S line.

It features a whopping 64GB of memory, which should accommodate most people with a medium-to-large music collection. You should have enough space for over over 8000 high bit rate songs, room for a decent iPhoto library, loads of Apps from the App Store and space left over for whenever you need room to move.

Being the top end model, you pay top dollar. The 64GB model is $200 up from the 16GB Model, and $100 above the 32GB Version. At a retail price of $999 on the Apple Store, you'd be easily forgiven for thinking over this purchase. A grand is a lot of money to pay for a smartphone, and it's the most expensive smartphone we know of. However, you need not pay this much.

Typically, you can find this version on eBay for around $700 - $900.  You may find it cheaper, depending on the iPhone's condition, and it's age. Smart bidding and some common sense can take you a long way in getting a nice, low price. Be sure to check the sellers feedback rating, and if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. We recommend you find a  iPhone that's unlocked, as these will take any SIM card. Check our Unlocked iPhone listings for more information.

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