How to Make Your Own iPhone Ringtone (Part II)

If you've been following this brief series, you saw how you can upload a song from a CD and have it turn out to be a ringtone on your iPhone using iTunes.  But what if you simply want to start from scratch and, well, create your own ringtone?  What if you want to actually upload yourself singing & playing the guitar, or feature one of your band's songs in a ringtone?  Here's how to make your own iPhone ringtone from a file that you’ve created.

First, be sure to check out Alexia Petrakos' article over at, where she goes through the specific steps and file formats you'll be working with.

What you'll need to consider as you make your own iPhone ringtone is that you'll eventually be using iTunes to upload your song onto your iPhone itself.  If you use a Mac program like GarageBand to make your music, you'll find that this is a fairly simple matter of uploading the song to iTunes, making sure the format is right for a ringtone, and uploading it to your iPhone by synchronizing it with iTunes.

If you're not using GarageBand, make sure that your music file is a ready-usable format like a .mp3 file.  You can find simple online converters that allow you to, for example, change a MIDI song into an MP3 song.  You can use a music and sound editor like Audacity to format it to your liking, but it isn't hard to export a song into an MP3 format, which you can then upload to iTunes.  (Note:  You can also change the tags associated with your songs in Audacity; this way, if you ever do upload your song to iTunes, it should display the appropriate information).

Once your song is on iTunes, you have to follow some specific steps to format and edit your song into a usable ringtone that will be ready to go to your iPhone.  Be sure to follow the article linked above in order to complete all of the steps correctly.  You can also check out the source from Part I of this series, the Art of the iPhone article.

After you have an understanding about how iPhone ringtones work and how you can edit them using iTunes and other programs, you should be ready to upload all sorts of your own personal musical work onto your iPhone.

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