Sending Video Mail On The iPhone – A Quick Guide

Send Video Email On The iPhoneWith all the iPhone's ease of use, you would think that sending a short video message to someone else would be a sinch. Well, surprisingly, if you know how to do it, it's not that hard.

Here's a quick guide to sending video mail.

Before you start, you'll need to make sure that you have an email account setup so you can actually send email! Lifehacker Australia has a decent guide here.

Once your email is setup and ready to send, follow the video, or steps below to send your video message.

# 1 - Open the camera app on your iPhone

# 2 - Make sure the front facing camera is selected (You'll need an iPhone 4 for the front facing camera, if you've got an iPhone 3GS or 3G you might have to turn the iPhone around and use the back camera - tricky!)

# 3 - Select the 'video camera mode' in the iPhone's camera app. Don't know where it is? Check the bottom right of the screen, there's a little switch that toggles between a regular still camera and a video camera. The video camera is on the right, just swipe your finger over the switch to select it.

# 4 - Get your video camera face ready, and tap the red button in the middle to start recording. Record a short video - up to 30 seconds in length to keep it small enough for email. When you're done, press the same button again to stop.

# 5 - At the bottom left corner of the screen, you'll find a button that is square in shape and appears to have an arrow coming out of it. This brings up the sharing options. At the top there's a email option. Hit that and the iPhone will get busy, compressing the video down to a safe size for email.

# 6 - Once the iPhone has prepared the video for email, up pops a new email message box asking who you would like to send it to, and the subject line. Fill this out just like an normal email, and hit send.

You're done! The email will take a minute or two to send, and you'll hear a swoosh sound when it's been sent.

Hopefully iOS 5 will make this step even easier with a simple two or three button press. Subscribe to our site for the latest news, reviews, and pricing on the iPhone 5, coming in September!

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