iPhone 5 – Looking Behind The Curtain

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Most of the people sweat it out and wait for the next smart phone by Apple: iPhone 5.

There are many questions about it. Will it be better than the last one? Will Apple change the design in its smart phone? Will they meet the market requirements? And if they do not, what will be the next step?

From everywhere in the network all kinds of information flow – are they truths or fabrications? Who knows? Well there is enough time to find the truth. Now you may read the resume that I made for you and may take your position about all things written on the net.

Some sources announced that the new iPhone 5 will have several different sizes and also said there is a new conception about the design.

Many different models were produced by Apple but the size of the screen is the same for all : 3.5 inches. And now everyone expects that the new iPhone 5 screen will have the same size like Samsung, Sony Ericsson Xperia, Galaxy or S X10.

The bigger screen is only one of the challenges standing in front of Apple, rumours say that they will put in a dual-core processor ARM Cortex-A9, which will be the base of the Apple A5 chip, and this chip will allow everyone, who is holding it in hand, to watch video with high resolution-1080p. Probably Apple will use the Apple 5 in the newest model of Apple TV.

Other publications in some technological sites report that iPhone5 will hold NFC technology. This new technology supports the iPhone 5; it will be possible for its owners to use it for mobile payment. This information comes directly from the engineers who make NFC. Presumed when we see this new device on the market, at the same moment we will know which pay service we may use.

Other interesting hearsay comes to the social networks and says that the new iPhone5 will not support LTE system. This information came from the analyzer Samuel Greenholtz of Telecom Pragmatics who knows this information from closest source to Apple. Probably iPhone 5 will support the same frequency as the previous model but the next model (after iPhone 5) is very likely to maintain the 4G HSPA system.

So if we sum all this information up, the key characteristics about iPhone 5 will be: four-inch screen, dual-core processor and camera sensor provided by Sony. All these things are very nice, but what if the information about the LTE system is true? Will “the Apple” be competitive? After all we know that the LTE system will be evidence for high class smart phone with Android.

Traditionally Apple presents their products in the summer so there is enough time for more rumours and hearsays. However, we can be sure about one thing - there will be nice surprises in the new iPhone5. We will be waiting for the big presentation by Jobs and we can only hope that his health problems will be gone away soon.

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