iPhone OS 3.0 Software… Whats New? Cut & Paste?

Apple have just released details of the new iPhone 3.0 Software. It's a big upgrade with many new features added.

It seems the folks @ Apple California have been listening to us, and while it may have taken a while, we'll soon be enjoying a much better functionality on the iPhone. Basic functions, such as bluetooth, cut & paste, and MMS, which have been previously 'left-out', will be incorporated into the new 3.0 OS Software.

So, here's what we'll be seeing

* Cut, Paste & Copy Support - Ability to Copy Text & Pictures between Applications.

* MMS - Yes, we can now send and recieve standard MMS messages, via the SMS iPhone Application.

* Peer To Peer Connectivity - Yep, you'll now be able to exchange data between other iPhone users, via Bluetooth or Wireless. This is pretty cool, security is an issue, but being able to swap songs or pictures with other iPhone users would be cool.

* Landscape Keyboard Layout - Now available in ALL iPhone Apps, including Mail!

* Voice Memo's - Record a quick note, for playback later or sending via email or MMS.

* Spotlight Search - Type in a phrase, and this will search your entire iPhone to find any matches. Much like the Spotlight search functionality in OSX.

* Push Notifications - Good for Apps, unsure on exact implementation.

* Application Purchasing - You'll be able to upgrade or expand your applications by paying a fee from within the application itself. Could be dodgy, watch out for this one.

* Turn-By-Turn Directions - Won't be built in, but Apple are allowing software developers to tap into the GPS receiver, so third party Apps can now be developed to give Text-To-Speech Turn By Turn GPS Directions, Much like a In-Car SatNav. We suspect one application will be a killer... watch this website for more info.

So, there you go folks. It's taken a while for Apple to fill obvious Gaps in this killer product, but after a year or two they've got it together. We currently don't' have an exact release date for the new 3.0 Software, however we are told it's in Summer in the US, so it'll be around July-ish, just in time for Winter in Australia.

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