iPhone Speech-To-Text Found In iOS 5 Beta 5

iPhone iOS 5 Speech To Text


It looks like Apple's latest iPhone OS, iOS 5, will feature speech-to-text capability.

A screenshot reveals the 'microphone' icon to the left of the space, suggesting that users can simply hit this button and use their voice to type.

This could be used in many applications, such as searching for items on google (already available on Android), writing a text message or dictating notes.

The process is very simple - you simply hit the microphone icon and you're taken to a second screen. This allows you to talk into the iPhone. You voice is then translated and inserted into the text field.

This technology ties in with Apple purchasing 'Siri' voice recognition software in 2010.

iOS 5 is due for release in Spring in Australia, around the same time the iPhone 5 is said to hit our shores.


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