Man Starts The Line-up For The iPhone 5 Release!

Rob Shoesmith & The iPhone 5 Camping AdventureWith all the fanfare surrounding the up and coming release of the iPhone 5, you would understand why people would be willing to line-up to grab one on the day of it's release.

Whilst this behavior is very common these days with hard core iPhone fans, it would be something else to start a lineup before any news of the iPhone 5's release date.

Well, a man by the name of Rob Shoesmith has taken some incredible initiative, and put it upon himself to pitch a tent outside the Covent Garden Apple store in London.

The problem is, there is no definite release date for the iPhone 5 as of yet. Many rumors point to a September release date, but this has been neither confirmed or denied by Apple.

This does not deter Shoesmith, a self proclaimed 'marketer' who is admitting that he's doing it for the attention. Shoesmith, a ex-garbage collector who has since turned into a iPhone App Developer via Meta Mobl's 'App Incubator' initiative , has decided to camp out, all in the name of PR.

And attention is exactly what he is getting!

He has set up a website -, detailing his publicity stunt.

His efforts are paying off quite well - a quick glimpse of his website reveals the many different products he has been offered. Many revolve around products he can use when he's on his iPhone 5 Camping Adventure. Some, however, do not. A few of the products he's been given for free include :

  • A Personal Trainer
  • Chevrolet 4x4 Vehicle.
  • A First Aid Kit
  • A Rucksack
  • Dominoes Pizza
  • & A Portable Toilet.

Considering he will be camping on a very busy street in the Middle of London, some of these products may come in handy. But there is no denying that this is a big stunt, and it will be interesting to see how his adventure goes. The big question is, how long will he need to camp out on the streets for, before Apple finally release the iPhone 5?

At this stage, nobody knows that answer. Hopefully we, along with Rob, won't have to wait too long before the iPhone 5 comes out and we can all share in it's glory!

Stay Tuned!

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