Top 10 Coolest Accessories for the iPhone 4/4S

Boxwave keyboard Buddy For iPhone

What's better than having a shiny new Phone 4S?

A shiny new iPhone 4S with sweet accessories to match, that's what!

Here are the top 10 coolest accessories for the iPhone 4S (and its predecessor the IPhone 4).

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy

This awesome gadget is especially useful for those who made the jump from a phone with a physical keyboard to an IPhone's tiny virtual keyboard.  Basically, it will attach a slider keyboard to your IPhone, taking you back to the days of the Sidekick and other sliders.  It will add a little extra weight and bulk to the phone, but it may pay off by the functionality it provides.

GorillaMobile Flexible Tripod

This handy tool allows your phone to be anchored to any type of pole or hook.  The tripod is very sturdy, and has a form fitting grip on the phone to prevent any accidental drops.  The GorillaMobile Flexible Tripod ties into our next accessory, which is...

iPhone SLR Lens Mount SLR lens mount for your phone!  That's right; you will be able to attach any Nikon or Canon SLR lens to your phone (yes, even those massive 300mm behemoths) using its built in adapter.  You'll be able to enjoy taking high quality pictures with fish eye lenses, extreme zoom, or both.  Additionally, it has a tough case that allows the mounted lens to remain attached securely to the phone, and the same case provides a hole for a full sized camera tripod to screw in, as well as a strap for you to carry around your camera phone, quite literally.

Apple TV

If you don't already own one, what are you waiting for?  This handy gadget will allow you to stream Netflix and your iTunes library to your television set, but when paired with an IPhone you can also stream pictures, movies and music wirelessly.  If you need to do presentations, using an IPhone 4S with Mirroring mode on will enable you to display your presentation over the Apple TV without any cables, and you can see your notes on your phone privately.

Lifeproof Case

While this case can be really expensive, the end result is totally worth it.  The Lifeproof case is extremely durable, and even more waterproof.  It may not be as shock or drop resistant as the Otterbox Defender Series case, but it is definitely more resistant to water.  If you visit the Lifeproof website you will be greeted with crazy videos of people texting and making calls on their phone while snorkeling.  Best of all?  The case is extremely thin, especially  considering the protection it provides.  It will add less than a millimeter in thickness to your beloved IPhone.

Otterbox Defender Series Case

I mentioned it before, and I had to include it.  While it may not be as waterproof as the Lifeproof case, it is extremely durable.  There is a video online of a person dropping their IPhone from the 23rd story window.  He has the phone's camera filming the entire fall, and you can see that the phone does not break at all.  He picks up the phone and proceeds to use it as if nothing happened!  While it certainly adds a lot of extra bulk to the phone, if you don't have any protection plan or warranty on it, this may be the next best thing in terms of keeping your device protected.

Yubz Mobile Phone Retro Handset

OK, so this isn't just for the IPhone, but I feel as though using it with the IPhone instills a high sense of comedic irony.  It is basically a retro handset, kind of like the ones that came with the phones which you had to stick your finger into the hole and spin until you reached each number.  You attach it to your phone, and make calls without having the IPhone up to your face.  It's funny, because you are using an old styled handset with modern cutting edge technology.

My Phone Leash

Just like you would put a leash on your dog or child when you don't want to lose them, you can also attach a leash to your IPhone.  For a low price, you will be able to secure the phone to your belt with its retractable cable, and if you are going to be using it for extended periods of time you can also lock the leash so it doesn't retract.

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Even though your phone already gets great battery life for a smartphone, you can always get more juice out of it.  With the Mophie Juice Pack Air, you can add a case to your phone that doubles as an extra battery.  It won't add a lot of bulk, but you will be able to squeeze an average of 6 hours more out of your IPhone.

Behringer iNuke Boom

This may not be the most realistic accessory ever, but it certainly exists and it most certainly is awesome.  If you haven't heard of the Behringer iNuke Boom, I suggest you look it up right now.  It is a massive iPhone/iPod dock that dwarfs any other dock or stereo system in power, and its sheer size means that you may not be able to fit this in your bedroom.  For a mere $30,000, you can have yourself a 10,000 watt speaker system that will annoy your next door neighbors more than your garage band did.  The dock measures 8 feet across, 4 feet tall, and weighs over 700 pounds so you may need to get a friend to help you lift it up the stairs. 

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