10 Handy Tips For The iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is a great smartphone, and with it's latest design it's even better then before.Having said that, there's still a bunch of things you might not know it can do.

Check out the 10 tips detailed in the video below for some insightful shortcuts.Whilst most arn't mind blowing, you'll find out how to do things differently, and most definitely increase your workflow.

Tips include :

10. How to create a alpha numeric or lettered passcode to unlock your iPhone (as opposed to a simple 4 digit pin)

9. How to take a photo on the iPhone with the volume button. Sure beats trying to hit that 'camera' button on the screen when you can't see it!

8.  How to set up custom vibrations for different contacts on your iPhone

7. Deleting or undoing text / typing on your iPhone with a simple shake

6. How to get Siri to tell you what flights are overhead. Yep, she'll look it up for you.

5. How to get Siri to read out your email messages.

4. How to turn on and keep on Caps Lock on your iPhone

3. How to get back the Timestamps within messages on your iPhone. Why did they take them away???

2. How to quickly create a full stop using the keyboard whilst typing on your iPhone

1.  How to charge your iPhone faster!