Garmin’s GPS App Now Available On The iPhone

Garmin iPhone AppIt took them a while, but finally Garmin are here with their very own StreetPilot iPhone app to rival the already existing TomTom iPhone app and another application from Navigon.

The full name of this GPS navigation app download for iPhone is the Garmin StreetPilot app, and it lets you have very similar functionality to what you would expect from one of their more traditional Nuvi GPS devices.

Read on for a review of the StreetPilot download including details on some of the top-line functionality you can expect to get should you decide to buy from the Apple iTunes Store.

Overview of Garmin StreetPilot for iPhone

At first glance it really does look and behave just how the Garmin Nuvi physical GPS devices do so if you are familiar with using these then you should have no problems picking the controls up very quickly.

The pros and cons are listed out below but ultimately whether you choose to purchase this GPS iPhone app will boil down to a number of factors including; how much money you have to spend, how often you will be using, and what advanced functionality you need from GPS navigation.

Features You Get With the Garmin StreetPilot iPhone App

Some of the best features included with this GPS navigation app include voice-prompted turn by turn directions.  What's cool about this is that if you are listening to music on the iPhone at the same time as driving, then the app will fade the track down and then back up again when the voice commands kick in - so you get a seamless driving and navigation experience.

The Garmin app will also work on not only 3G connection speeds, but also on Edge connection speeds and is quite simple to install and promise quick map loading speeds - even when you decide to change your route during the drive.

Additional features include millions of Points of Interest files (POIs) which have are items such as ATM locations, tourist attractions, hospitals, shopping malls, and many more interesting locations you can press and navigate to.

Map Updates on the Garmin App

You won't need to download Garmin Map Updates for this iPhone app because Garmin promise that the StreetPilot app uses the same database of routes and directions as their Nuvi GPS products. The map data will load straight from Garmin's map servers to the iPhone device - so you can be assured that the addresses and POIs that you are travelling to will be as current as their latest software release is.

Traffic Alerts on the Garmin iPhone App

There is no need to pay for traffic updates with this app as one of the most compelling reasons to download the Garmin iPhone app is the fact that it comes with live traffic alerts based on historical traffic data. This means that as you drive your vehicle the iPhone will warn you of any upcoming traffic jams and problems - plus then rather cleverly suggest an alternative route to get you to your final destination.

How Does it Compare to TomTom?

Unlike the TomTom iPhone app you will not need to pay extra for traffic alerts, because with TomTom they ask you to pay an annual surcharge fee of $40 US dollars. So in terms of cost-effectiveness the Garmin app wins over the TomTom one for traffic warning functionality.

What About Map Updates on the Standalone Garmin Nuvi Devices?

If you own a traditional standalone Garmin device and want to update the maps on your product then we would advise you look at the various options available for customers wanting Garmin Map Updates.

The popular website lists the various approaches that you can take should you wish to do this, and this could mean you don’t need to invest in the iPhone App – click this link for more information: Garmin Map Updates for Nuvi.

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