iPhone 8 May Feature Larger Battery

Yes, we're back on the rumour mill again, this time it's about the upcoming iPhone 8, and how it may contain a much larger battery (& thus, longer life!)

This comes from KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo, stating that although the iPhone 8 will be the same size as the current iPhone 7 - it'll have a much larger battery inside it -  potentially matching the current 2700 mAH battery found the iPhone 7 Plus.

The current iPhone 7 battery size is 1960 mAH, so - if indeed this rumour is true, the iPhone 8 will come with a battery offering 30% more capacity. How this equates to run time is yet to be seen - as the power consumption of the iPhone 8 is unknown. We should see some refinements in power management - as most technology is updated, things are designed so the system as a whole uses less power.

One potential power saver is the introduction of an OLED display - a big rumour that's been doing the rounds. OLED's use considerably less power then their LED counterparts - because they don't require backlighting ( see this article on how OLED's work for more information)

The KGI report says that the increase in battery size is possible due to Apple designing a stacked 'substrate-like' PCB mainboard. Basically - this board will be smaller, so there will be more space for the battery. This picture below show's what they're on about. By making the internals of the iPhone 8 smaller, the rest of the casing can be used by the battery.

Obviously, if this rumour is true, then it's good news. Everyone wants more battery life - especially with today's intensive demands on smartphone usage. As to if it's true - only time will tell. Whatever the iPhone 8 will bring, we trust it'll be exciting. Stay Tuned...