iPhone Given ‘All Clear’ For Classified Government Usage

iPhone Security - Classified Top SecretA Peak adviser for the Australian Government has given the 'All Clear' for Apple iOS Devices to be used for storing and communicating classified government information.

Mike Burgess, acting director of the  DSD (Defence Signals Directorate) said the department has led the way in developing means to enable devices running the latest Apple operating system, called iOS version 5, to handle secret information up to Protected level.

The Defense Signals Directorate has been working closely with key bodies within the industry to develop a practical protocol for government to securely use the technology.

Mike Burgess states : "Embracing new technologies, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, provides government with a genuine opportunity to conduct its business more efficiently,"

"However, the threat of government information being stolen or compromised is also very real."

The DSD has worked continuously to help agencies improve the way they protect precious government information, whilst enabling them to take advantage of iOS devices, such as the iPhone & iPad.

He said that iOS5 has successfully passed a range of stringent and intensive security assessments to ensure it meets the Australian Government's security requirements.

The first of it's kind, this security evaluation covers devices owned and managed by a range of Australian Government agencies that implement the DSD security advice.

For more information on the DSD, including a detailed security hardening guide, check out their website : http://www.dsd.gov.au

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