KLIK – iPhone Facial Recognition Software

KLIK iPhone AppIt's difficult to overstate how intertwined smartphone and social media are. The iPhone, with its stellar camera, GPS functionality and constant data connection, is a device that seems built for social media. The possibilities were always there, but they hadn't yet been fully utilized. Now, thanks to an app called KLIK, they are.

What is KLIK?

KLIK is a camera-replacement app for the iPhone. Unlike the dozens of others on the market, which usually rely on image processing techniques or filters to sell themselves, KLIK is different. It uses an algorithm for detecting faces, automatically tagging users on Facebook either before or after taking a photo.

That might sound strange at first, but KLIK actually just relies on information that's already available. You link the app with your accounts on social networking sites, and it combs through your friends list gathering information about their faces. Once it has searched through your friend's list, the app intelligently detects and tags faces.

How It Helps

KLIK's main benefit is obvious: It removes the legwork from going through photos and individually tagging each and every person. If you've ever uploaded just a handful of photos, you already know how difficult it can be to manually tag each person. This is an app that removes that bridge between your iPhone and your social networks.

For those who are inclined to upload dozens of photos a week, KLIK will be a lifesaver. For those who post photos less frequently, it will still be a handy app to keep installed for when it's needed. It's a free app, so there's really no reason not to have it.

What If Your Friends Aren't Registered on Social Networks?

This is a common question that was raised when the beta version of KLIK was released some time ago. If the people in your photos aren't on any of your social networks, you'll have to manually tag them. After they are manually tagged, the app forms an algorithm for who that person is. That way, when you take a picture of that person in the future, the app will be able to detect who it is.

Other Features

The new app also comes loaded with filters, which many users will see as a critical feature. These were somewhat of a necessary feature in order for KLIK to compete with some of the already-established camera apps out there. What really sets KLIK's filters apart is that they are specifically designed for use on pictures of peoples' faces. Instead of having access to a set of universal filters, you'll be working with filters that were custom-built for the photos you're taking with KLIK.

On the whole, KLIK is a neat iPhone app. It has the potential to become the go-to camera app for iOS users. It's also only on version 1.0, meaning that there's still a lot of room for the app to grow. It's a free download with a very intriguing premise, so it's definitely worth a download to see if it's something you're interested in.