Not Quite Right : Russian Woman Being Electrocuted By iPhone In Bathtub

Young Woman Killed By iPhone After Dropping It In The BathOver the past few days there's been a story circulating about Russian Woman, Evgenia Sviridenko, having unfortunately been electrocuted by her iPhone when it dropped into her bathtub.

The problem with this story is it doesn't make any sense. Of course most of the media outlets haven't bothered to actually look at the details.

Reports claim Evgenia was charging the iPhone at the time.

The iPhone's charger puts out a minuscule 5 volts at 500 millamps. No where near the amperage or voltages required to cause any form of mild shock, let alone electrocution.

It's been rumoured that the charger was a third party, and thus didn't cut out when it should have. Again, this makes no sense. The only way this could have happened would be if :

1) The charger developed a fault, where it was already sending full mains voltage though the charging cable. Somehow, the iPhone survived this?

2) The charger was connected to an extension cord, and it was this extension cord that dropped into the bath. Ok, this checks out.

What also makes the story fishy is that it's claimed her iPhone posted a status update claiming she'd called emergency services. Somehow throughout the electrocution she managed to dial emergency?

Nothing in this story checks out at all. We are sorry if this has really happened, but until the facts are set straight by the Russian Authorities, there's very little 'evidence' of electrocution in the reports we currently have.

No electronic product should be used when you're in water. But if you do choose to use your smartphone whilst in the bath, just be aware the most damage you'll probably suffer is the cost of a new phone when it is destroyed by the water damage.