Rumour : iPhone 8 May Lose Home Button

iPhone Home ButtonHere we are again with another rumour on the next iPhone release - this one reporting that there probably isn't going to be a home button on the next iPhone. Well, not like there is currently!

This report comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who's been a great source for iPhone leaks. Today, he released a research report which hinted at plans apple have to remove the physical home - replacing it with a thumbprint sensor embedded within the screen.

Bare in mind, this rumour has been around for a while - as it's a part of another rumour that the next iPhone will have a bezel free, edge to edge screen design - which necessitates the removal of the physical home button. Rumours state the new display will be of the OLED variety - sporting deeper contrast and easier readability.

Ming-Chi Kuo states that current capacitive "under glass" fingerprint recognition system won't fit within a full screen, button free design. Instead, the ID reader will need to be placed underneath the display panel. This is a tricky innovation, and will most likely involve custom-built OLED display, rather then one a manufacturer currently offers.

Ming-Chi Kuo takes a guess and says that the fingerprint ID tech will "ultimately be replaced by a facial recognition system" in an effort to make the iPhone's security system more stable.  "However, if the technical challenges cannot be overcome, we believe a combination of fingerprint and facial recognition is another possible solution," he reports. Kou predicts that once this technology is implemented, transactions made on future iPhones will be verified using "a combination of the two steps of bio-recognition."

Alongside these rumoured upgrades, Kou says that Apple may switch over to a newer, more sensitive film sensor for the touchscreen, increasing the capability of the 3D touch tech currently used on the iPhone 7.

Whatever the next iPhone brings, it sure will be exciting, and we hope that Apple give us a good reason to talk about it! 🙂