Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4 16GBThe next generation iPhone is here and needless to say, it has been selling like hot cakes.

The new virtual assistant Siri integrates a search engine with voice recognition software, and provides a streamlined experience whether in the car, at home, or with friends.

In addition, the phone provides a much better camera than the previous phone, as well as a faster processor, the A5.

Below are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new device.

Build a Relationship

No, not with Siri, but you are more than welcome to if that's what you want.  I'm talking about setting relationships up with Siri in a way that it will know who your boss or mom is, so you don't always have to call out names.  For example, if you wanted to tell Siri to send a message to your mom, telling her that you will miss her birthday party, you can simply say "Send a message to my mom to say that I will be missing her birthday party."

The way you do this is by going into the Contacts app, which by default is in your Utilities folder.  In here, check to make sure that the person is already in your contacts list.  Once it is, all you have to do is pull up Siri and say "(Contact name) is my (relationship)", and when Siri asks for confirmation, just say yes.  So if you want to mention that "Mom is my mom" or "Bradford Smith is my boss", Siri will confirm that those relationships are indeed real and that you would like it to remember that.

Make Lists Easier

If you constantly run out of food (who doesn't?) or you have a lot of things to think about, you probably make lists pretty often, either mentally or on scrap paper.  With the iPhone 4S, you no longer have to worry about forgetting an item on the list or losing your piece of crumpled paper.  First, you must set up the list in the Reminders app, but that is the only manual thing you have to do.  For example, go under the Reminders app and make a new list titled "Grocery List".  Now if you want to add anything to it, just call up Siri and say something like "Add eggs to the grocery list", and it will automatically add it for you.  Much easier than typing it all, isn't it?

Take a Screenshot

Ok, so this feature is not exactly new to the iPhone 4S, but you can take a screenshot of your sweet background and app setup.  All you have to do is press and hold the sleep button located on the top right corner of the phone, and immediately after press and hold down the home button.  After a moment of holding down both buttons, you will hear a camera shutter indicating that a picture was taken.  Go to your camera roll folder and you will see that the newest picture added is a screenshot of your phone's screen.

Give Stunning  Keynote Presentations

If you do PowerPoint or Keynote presentations a lot, the iPhone 4S has a great new feature for you.  You need an Apple TV to do this, but it is still significantly cheaper than projectors and provides a great presentation platform.  You see, the iPhone supports what's called Airplay, which means that you can connect to the Apple TV and stream music, movies and photos straight from your phone over the wireless network.

With the newest 4S, you can also do what's called Mirroring, which means that what you see on your phone is exactly what will appear on the TV.  If you play Angry Birds while connected to an Apple TV with Mirroring on, all of your friends will be able to see you miss that coveted three star score.

During Mirroring mode, if you open up a presentation in Keynote you will be able to go through each slide seamlessly, and there is an option that will allow you to see the slide notes on your phone, while the viewers won't be able to see them on the television.  This is huge for those who constantly make presentations and have a lot of notes to memorize.  Finally, if you press and hold anywhere on the phone's screen during a presentation you will see that a red dot appears on the television.  Move your finger around and you will discover that this will serve as an alternative to the laser pointers of yesteryear.